EVOLVE: Somatic Stress Reduction

You do ALL THE THINGS. Work, family, caregiving, laundry, maybe get a workout in if you're lucky. Everyday you look up and wonder, "How is it 3pm already?!" Throw in some goals (maybe finally write that book or start that business), a job change, divorce, move, or loss and the overwhelm, stress, and anxiety have taken over. You attempt to fall into bed and this is precisely when your mind reminds you of that jerk who broke your heart when you were 22 and is the dishwasher running and where did I put my keys? 


And then there's the chronic pain. Back pain, tight shoulders, hip pain, acid reflux, insomnia, and so much more. 

What if there was a better way? What if there was a way to manage all of this and thrive in life instead of 'getting through.' What if there was a way to.....EVOLVE?


Yeah, that. THAT is what this course is. 

You are meant to live a healthy, thriving life. A life without debilitating anxiety, chronic pain, and constant worry. This course combines somatic trauma therapy, mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and yoga to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and more.  You will emerge revitalized and ready to live your best life. 
The FALL 2022 cohort will be virtual - except for the last session, which is a 1/2 day retreat in person.  

Yoga Class

The Program

             This is a 6-week program.

Each week has specific topics that build upon each other so please be sure you're available prior to committing. 

The Benefits
Through an exploration of behavior patterns, thinking, and feeling, you will learn: 

-how your body truly works


-what stress, anxiety, and trauma actually are and how they're showing up in your body and your life

-how to live with non-judgmental acceptance of yourself 


-how to finally heal from past or current stressors, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, and/or trauma

-how to become curious and to experience present living

-body sensations, behaviors/patterns, thoughts, emotions, motivations and memories, in order to reduce distress and improve well-being

Friends Taking Selfie

True healing begins in the body.

If you're ready to heal from an integrated, holistic approach and to become part of a community that is ready to love you, this course is for you. 


Payment plans available

The fall cohort meets on Tuesdays
7pm-9pm EST via Zoom
September 13 - October 18*

*The final session is a 1/2 day retreat in person.

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