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Workplace Wellness

Your people are stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out. They are taking days off for mental health - and NOT TELLING YOU that's what they're doing. 


- Because 'shutting down' is a common stress response.

 - And because we still have a long way to go to normalizing mental health and self-care. 

Increase retention and attraction, increase employee happiness, increase productivity, and lower absenteeism and illness with this innovative solution to employee engagement. In this immersive, integrated program, you and your team will be healthier, happier, more creative, and renewed. 

If you're ready to take your team to the next level, this program is for you. We'll work together to address the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of your team. We combat burnout and provide tools to manage everyday stressors. 

Let's connect to discover the program that's right for you. 

Start up
Team Lunch

Lunch & Learn

The days are busy & full...and this is important, too. Let's do a lunchtime workshop to make the most of time & budget.

Design Studio

1/2 Day Retreat

A deeper dive to get better outcomes for you and your team in real-time. 

Colleagues Working Together

Full day retreat

Vision, values, movement, and wellness culture. This is a full immersion to set up for success for the year ahead. 


Industry Conference

Got colleagues in other cities? Your annual conference is great place to bring the biggest impact for everyone. 

Let's connect and discuss your needs in detail. 

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