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We experience stress, anxiety, and trauma somatically, or in the physical body. However, we're taught to treat it cognitively, i.e., traditional therapy. Our body and mind work and heal together so why are we only treating one? 

Working together, we uncover and discover the patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that are holding you back from your power. As a trauma-informed somatic coach, I'm here to guide you through the work and to help you tune into your body's infinite wisdom. This is the place where you finally break free and live a powerfully joyful life. 

We'll root in values and get super clear on your vision for your life. We'll create new behaviors and new stories to help you lean into your life, to be fully present in every moment, and to live the life that is meant for you. 


I help clients with:
        Anxiety                                       Somatic Healing
            Stress (acute and chronic)     Values and Vision
Trauma                                      "I am" story
                Overwhelm                                Unique gifts & voice
              Burnout                                      Movement therapy

Let's work together. 

  • Weekly coaching calls on ZOOM or phone. 50 minutes. In-person is available when applicable.

  • Recap emails sent after each call including resources and homework.

  • Full access pass to Mindful Community ($400 value). Discount for the Mindful Living 6-week course ($100 value)

  • Unlimited communication access during working business hours to give you real-time support when you need it most. 

per session with a 4 session commitment

Discounts for military/veterans.*

Now accepting new clients.
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1:1 Coaching

I viscerally believe humans are meant to thrive in our mental, emotional, behavioral, relational, spiritual, and physical heath. We experience our world in our body and mind.

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