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To Get Her

Women in Woolen Sweaters

Few things excite me more than women coming together to lift each other up, to help each other succeed, and to dare to dream big. 

If you look closely at the word TOGETHERit embodies 3 words: To Get Her.

Together is a program that is meant for those who are bold enough, brave enough, and curious enough to dive as deep as possible in order to live a truly integrated life. Life is not compartments but it is a whole that is made up of different areas. When those areas are aligned, life is magnificent. However, a lot of women are misaligned in one area or another. Maybe your home life is thriving but work is struggling. Maybe everything is "fine" or even "good" most of the time but something is still...'missing.' 

Together combines all the elements of coaching, goals, masterminding, collaborating, and community into a unique experience. Its purpose is to work on aligning all the areas of life so that you can live a big, bold, beautiful life. 


  • 10 women. 90 days.  

  • We come together to create, align, and become who you're meant to be.

  • We begin with one goal in mind and then dive deep into all the parts of your life (yes, all of them) to discover areas of misalignment and then use specific tools to bring balance, clarity, and peace. 


  • Women who are on a mission to live big, bold life. Happiness and fulfillment are two different things. You might be happy, but are you fulfilled? That feeling that something is missing or not quite right. This is where that gets fixed. Have a huge, scary dream? This is where it happens. 

  • Women who seeking something bigger, bolder, and braver than ever before. All crazy ideas welcomed here.

  • Women who are READY to do that hard work of self-examining and taking big, bold action steps towards the life of their dreams.


  • Weekly group coaching via Zoom. The group meets on Saturday mornings for 2 hours. ($1,000 value)

  • Bi-weekly one-on-one coaching to get super real and super focused on you personally. ($900 value) 

  • Weekly self work (let's not call it homework!) to improve thoughts (eh-hem, self-talk), emotions, and behaviors so that these changes are systemic and lasting. 

  • Access to one round of  MBSR programs. ($300 value) 

  • Workbook, journal, and other goodies to get started and keep you going. 

  • A tribe of like-minded women who want to see each other succeed and who support each other - no matter what. 

Friends Taking Selfie

Together is a small group so that we can get personal and help you to work on becoming a better you. It's a commitment in every way - and you're worth it. Your future self is waiting. She is waiting for you TO GET HER. 
Space is limited. To request an application for Spring 2022, send an e-mail to

  • 90 days of group coaching (24 hours total) 
  • 6 bi-weekly one-on-one sessions 
  • Weekly action items to bring all areas of life into alignment 
  • Workbook, journal, and more  
  • Way beyond one goal, this program is a serious, deep dive into who you are becoming 
  • A community of like-minded people to keep you honest and cheer you on
Together - payment plan
  • To help make this possible for you, payment plans are available! 
  • Send an e-mail to and let's chat. We'll work it out if this program is right for you. 
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