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Week one of the new year sure was a doozy. Creating, having, and sharing meaningful connections with others is important to me now more than ever. I was already craving it, but the last few weeks I've really been longing for it.

And I don't mean on social media. I mean in real life. Old school. You know, like meeting for coffee. Going on a hike. Talking on the phone. Connection that is deeper and leaves both of us feeling filled up and changed in some way. A lot of women I've been connecting with lately are working on manifesting their dreams, crafting their vision boards, and planning their goals for this year. There is an energy among these women that is powerful, positive, and impactful. Everyone is cheering for each other. Everyone is supporting each other. It's a refreshing and inspiring break from the heaviness of social media. It's fuel for good works. What if these two things came together - goal setting and connections? What if you could have super real, super deep connections with people and be working on becoming a better version of yourself? So glad you asked.

The GoalGetter program is a community of women who want to help each other succeed. Part goal-getting, part mastermind group, part Saturday-morning-coffee-club, this is where your 'someday' becomes NOW. You spent all that time clipping magazines for your vision board - don't let those visions just sit there! You have to take action to make these things come to reality. This is where the excuses get destroyed and the dreams get built. We are 95% more likely to achieve our goals when we participate in an on-going group setting, according to the American Society of Training and Development. NINETY-FIVE PERCENT. This is a 6-week course. We meet once weekly, on Saturday mornings, live via Zoom as a group. Each week we will focus on specific areas to bring your dreams into reality. You'll get a workbook, a welcome package with all sorts of lovely and helpful items, 12 hours of coaching, and a community to support you and keep you accountable along the way. GoalGetter begins on Saturday, February 6. Click here for more info or shoot me an e-mail at I'd really love to connect with you - like really, really connect. One of my favorite parts of this program is about timing. So many of us focus on the when something might come to fruition. We talk a great a deal about timing throughout the program. We un-Amazon ourselves out of instant gratification thinking. We're putting in real work to get real results. You all have heard the stories about those who achieve incredible things at a variety of places along the lifespan. Viola Davis finally 'making it' at age 42 to women becoming first-time moms in their 40s to becoming a first-time best-selling author during retirement. Here are some of my favorite 'late bloomer' stories. No matter where you are (in life), know this truth: You are here on purpose. And you're right on time.

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