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Do make a vision board every year? Maybe you make resolutions or plan goals or make promises to yourself that this is the year that you're definitely going to do all the things? Do you have a word for the year? Connection, alignment, awareness, freedom, security, and joy are some really good ones.

Lots of us talk about the vision boards and the word-of-the-year. But, very few of us talk about the how. What happens after you create the board and design the vision(s) and fill out your planner? What It's Not Setting goals is not about getting something. It's not about getting fit, losing weight, getting that big house, getting a promotion at work, finding your soulmate, or any number of other things about which you can dream. What It Is

If it's not about getting, what is it then? This work is about becoming. Becoming healthier, becoming a homeowner, being recognized for your hard work, being a great partner. Isn't this the same thing with different words? Nope. Something we often fall short of is asking and defining our why. Why do we want these things? For years, I tried (unsuccessfully) to get pregnant. I was singularly focused on getting pregnant. I meditated on 'seeing' a positive test, I envisioned a big belly, I dreamed of the clever way I would tell my husband. Took shots, visited doctors, spent tons of money, had procedures. And none of it worked. Even though test after test after test proved that my body is totally healthy and there is no medical or biological reason...nada. Then made a subtle - but significant - change in perspective. I asked a very important question: Is my goal to get pregnant OR is my goal to become a family? Bazinga. Everything - and I mean everything - changed after this point. Isn't this the same thing? Not even a little bit. Once I changed my perspective and shifted my energy to becoming a family, within a few months time (I am omitting A LOT of detail for the sake of brevity), there were not one - but TWO - babies in my home. One arrived via foster care and one via private adoption. Did I birth them? Nope. And that is exactly the point. The GoalGetter program is about helping women makes changes and take the right steps towards achieving their goals. It's about getting those dreams off the vision board and into reality. The 6-week program begins in February. For info on GoalGetter - click here! For info on the FREE Integrate Wellness Membership - click here! No matter where you are in terms of goal setting, goal achieving, vision boarding, etc., there is always a way to live a full life beyond your wildest dreams. Everyone is on a different path and everyone's view of success is different. The only view that matters is yours. You are the expert on your own life - but sometimes it's helpful to have some support from a community of like-minded people who are also on their way to...becoming. No matter what, you are here on purpose. And you're right on time.

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