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Meditation for Brain Health

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The Kirtan Kriya is a multi-sensory practice that combines singing, silence, music, and mudras (or finger movements). It's roots are in the Kundalini yoga lineage and it has been around for thousands of years. The wonderful thing is that modern science is now proving what yogis have known for generations - this meditations improves the way our brains work. According to the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation, this non-religious practice can be adapted to several lengths, but practicing it for just 12 minutes a day has been shown to reduce stress levels and increase activity in areas of the brain that are central to memory. This meditation is relaxing and fun. And it's a great way to exercise your brain while relieving stress and improving memory and focus. If this resonates with you, consider taking this self-paced course to learn how to properly integrate this practice. No previous meditation experience required to take this course.

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