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Hi, I'm Joelle! 

I am deeply passionate about learning and unlearning and learning again. I have a fire in my belly to impact as many lives as possible so the world is healthier, happier, and more fun!

I am an experienced coach with nearly 15 years experience creating curriculum, researching, writing, speaking, and leading people to discover their highest potential.


I am a writer and speaker. And currently working on my first book - this is the book I needed when I was going through fertility treatments and realized there is no continuum of care for how trauma affects the I am creating one.  

I VISCERALLY believe there is a better way to live than what we're taught in traditional medicine and talk therapy. And I am on this planet to bring people together, to get curious about the body and mind, and to explore a better way to live. 

I am a trauma-informed mindfulness coach and a trauma-informed registered yoga teacher. I am certified in psychological first aid; and am currently (as of fall 2022) finishing a certification in Integrative Somatic Therapy, an intervention that heals trauma from a holistic, body-based approach and transforms pain and challenges into growth, meaning, change, and resilience. 


I come alive when I'm leading people to their highest potential. It would be an honor to help you with yours.  

One person calls me wife. Two people call me mama. Some call me friend. 

I'm all those things. And so much more.

And so are you. 

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My Mission

I am on a mission to normalize emotional, behavioral, and physical health. Thriving is our birthright and I'm here to help you take charge of your health and change your life.

I am disrupting traditional medicine and talk therapy by providing a continuum of care with a collective of other medical, wellness, and alternative therapy providers.  

My Values

Innovation: a new way of doing things and disrupting long-held beliefs about self-care and wellness. 

Evolution: learning, unlearning, and learning again towards self-discovery, healing, and becoming. 

Community: intentionally coming together to support, share, and grow while focusing on the some of the most powerful tools for healing: connection and belonging. 


Thriving: to progress toward a goal despite or because of circumstances. 

Joy: the basic human need of expression or exhibition of pure happiness. 




Favorite reads and listens

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